Etched glass tables can add an elegant and unique touch to any home or office.  We have done a variety of sizes of chess tables, depending on the customer wants and the size of the chess pieces.  We have started from scratch with new glass and created a pedestal and on the other extreme, we have taken a table that a customer already had and etched a chess board on it. As time passes, glass tables get scratched and start to show their wear.  Etching the table can bring a whole new life to it.

One of the signature methods we use here at Etched Glass Designs is to chip and sandblast the edge of the glass.  We use this method most frequently in our custom awards, but have used it on tables as well to give a one of a kind table. We can help you with ideas for a variety of projects.

Chess Table  Chipped Edge Table  Chipped Edge Table with Designs