Etching granite and other stone can be used to give a custom touch to your home or yard.  We can etch the granite backsplash for a kitchen.  This can give any custom design you want for your kitchen.  We have also etched address numbers into granite and stone for house addresses.  The etching can be for marble or granite floors or can be used for other applications  In most instances, in order for the etching to show up, we would have to paint the etching.  This is because in many stones, the polished top layer is not a significant color change to the rest of the stone underneath.  Adding paint allows it to stand out.  The stone can be etched deeply, depending on its purpose.  For instance, the address numbers on the granite that you see below were mounted on another stone in a yard.  We deep etched the numbers and then painted them in order for them to stand out.  We are always able to give you expert guidance based on the purpose and project.

Granite Address