Etched cabinets add an elegant to touch to your home.  Kitchen cabinets can be etched to show an image or design on the glass.  On the other hand, we hear many times that people don’t want their cabinets glass because they don’t want the items in the cabinet to be seen.  The solution for that is to etch most of the glass, leaving the well chosen design clear.  This gives the elegant look, without seeing inside the cabinet.  Many times, the look can be accentuated by lighting the inside of the cabinet, which then gives a soft glow on the cabinet glass. Etched glass works well for the glass in bookcase doors, curio cabinets, entertainment centers, pantry cabinets, and so much more.  In cases where the glass is not tempered, we can etch deeper, giving us the ability to add paint to the door as you see below in the first photo. We have designs to choose from that can be modified to fit your cabinet, but most often we create a design for each customer based on their preferences.

Painted cabinet door   Pantry Door Scrabble   Cabinet Door_Indian

GrapeVine  Eiffel Tower