Office Recognition


With 20 years experience in recognition of soldiers, volunteers, employee’s, business’s, clients, customers and much more. We have the expert to help you recognize your people.  We have plaques to lighted pieces. We want to help you make the deference and recognize achievements.   Our creative experts can help you find the right look to impress. We have concept and designs that are unique. How can we spark your imagination?

Some things to think about, How can you recognize the efforts of someone and also help motive others to go beyond. We can create the perpetual plaque. One purchase and now you have a way of recognizing peoples efforts or achievements and this could also have a location for pictures too.

We can also light your item from the inside. We would etch the glass and with a LED powered light will illuminate the design or words. This will impress and show your design and show that extra effort to recognize that person. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, we can help you.

Call us and we can help make your imagination a reality.