Awards for the Best Players: Custom Glass Trophies

Trocadero AwardA good coach knows that it’s important to maintain rapport with the team players that they work with. A great coach, however, knows that every player deserves to be recognized. There are a number of great ways to make sure that the very best in each and every player is recognized.

Highlight Players’ Athletic Abilities

When it comes to recognizing your players at an end of season celebration, of course the first players you are going to think of are the ones who have performed above and beyond when it comes to athletic ability and execution. That’s why awarding the MVP is a great way to start. Other athletic abilities also deserve recognition, however – the MVP would not be a valued player without a team to play on!

That’s why awarding the best defensive player or best offensive player is also a great idea for making sure that your players know that they matter. Also, depending on the sport, certain skills are invaluable and also deserve to be recognized. For example, if your sport is basketball and you have a player who is an ace at shooting three pointers, that person can definitely do with some recognition.

Honoring Good Attitudes

Ruhlmann AwardOf course, every player is a valuable asset to a team even if he or she is not at the highest level of athletic ability. As such, it can be a great honor to make sure that these players are also recognized and made known for their contributions to the team. For example, giving an award for the best attitude, the best sportsmanship and the best leadership skills can be a great way to continue to make sure that these players get the recognition they deserve. Other players may be able to be named “most supportive player” or “most team spirit.”

How to Award the Best

If you’ve considered certificates or team memorabilia but fear that these award ideas are not quite special enough, then look no further for the answer. A custom glass trophy or sports award is an excellent way to award the best of the best members of your team, no matter what they have done to deserve recognition.

A custom glass award for these players is a great way to ensure that they will remember their days playing with the team for years and years to come. You can inscribe the award or trophy with the dates of the season and the skill or contribution that you are recognizing the player for, or you can get even more creative with your award ideas.

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